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About The Captain:

Over 40 years of experience fishing fresh water and salt water. From the Northeastern area of the Saint Lawrence Seaway to Southwestern Florida in the Tampa Bay area.

In my early years, I grew up fly-fishing small mountain streams for native brook trout. After many years exploring the mountain streams in central Pennsylvania, I discovered the excitement catching Largemouth and Smallmouth bass using artificial lures and baits. I spent almost 10 years fishing freshwater lakes and tidal rivers while competing in local bass tournaments. Fishing these tournaments had a greatest effect on my knowledge of tackle and terminal tackle preparation and setup. As many of know, the quality of your tackle, knots and attention to detail separates the angler. Today I still am learning new and innovative techniques related to bait and tackle.

After my experience fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass, I discovered the hard fighting Striped Bass. Even more exciting was the fact these Striped Bass were located in land locked fresh water lakes. My first experience with the Striped bass was in Raystown Lake in central Pennsylvania. Then later located a beautiful lake in Southwestern Virginia (Smith Mountain Lake). Smith Mountain Lake is stocked with Striped Bass that grew to 50lbs and more. For over 10 years I fished SML and figured out the seasonal patterns, catch over 500 striped bass per year on a combination of live and artificial baits.

Currently I live in Treasure Island, FL and have found a passion for saltwater fishing and the various inshore species around the Tampa Bay area. Although I sometimes venture offshore to some of the nearshore wrecks and reefs for Grouper, Permit and Snapper. The majority of my time is spent fishing with light tackle for Snook, Trout and Redfish. In the Spring and early Summer I fish for Tarpon almost exclusively. Tarpon can be found on the beaches, passes and bridges. It is the excitement of the Tarpon fight that really brings the smile to an anglers face.

Late summer has been very productive for Mangrove Snapper around the bridges and inshore structure. Then in the late fall and winter the Sheepshead bite is productive.

Book your fishing trip with Capt. Brian and you will be treated to engaging conversation and learning related to the local fishing patterns and techniques.

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